I’m Mike Garlick, a Web Developer based in West Yorkshire, England.

Highly experienced in developing custom & bespoke WordPress websites.

Latest Projects

Glu Recruit

Glu Recruit – an extremely bespoke recruitment platform that includes SMS notifications and highly personalised search & filtering functionality.


A rebuild and migration of a busy e-commerce website from OpenCart to WordPress & WooCommerce.


Rebound Mattresses is a micro e-commerce platform for a new product range released in 2020.


Bedworld is an extremely busy e-commerce platform with high functionality and included a complicated migration process.

Latest Blogs

3D/Shadow Effect.

Just a little something I was working on for a freelance client recently that looks simple enough but that 3D/shadow effect was a was a pain in the arse!

Switching between multiple SSH keys for different Github accounts

I created a bash/terminal script to switch between Github SSH keys.

Crosshairs follow mouse with GSAP QuickSetter

Just some fun playing round with GSAP…!

WooCommerce – add ‘Sort by On Sale’ option on archive pages

A function to add the option to sort product for on sale within WooCommerce.