3D/Shadow Effect.

Just a little something I was working on for a freelance client recently that looks simple enough but that 3D/shadow effect was a was a pain in the arse!

Switching between multiple SSH keys for different Github accounts

I created a bash/terminal script to switch between Github SSH keys.

Crosshairs follow mouse with GSAP QuickSetter

Just some fun playing round with GSAP…!

WooCommerce – add ‘Sort by On Sale’ option on archive pages

A function to add the option to sort product for on sale within WooCommerce.

Bedrock Multisite Subfolder or Subdomain

How to set up WordPress Multisite with Roots.io Bedrock.

Single file upload using WordPress Ajax

A simplified setup to get you uploading and saving files to the media library using a frontend form and WordPress ajax.

Change the document root in cPanel

How to change to change your document root from public_html to a custom sub directory using SSH

Avoid the cache catastrophe

For those occasions when you keep refreshing in blind hope that “it will work THIS time”.

My top 5 WordPress Plugins

Here are 5 of my favourite or most used plugins I could not live without…

How to clear DNS cache in google Chrome

A Google Chrome application setting to clear its DNS cache.