Change the document root in cPanel

How to change to change your document root from public_html to a custom sub directory using SSH

Avoid the cache catastrophe

For those occasions when you keep refreshing in blind hope that “it will work THIS time”.

My top 5 WordPress Plugins

Here are 5 of my favourite or most used plugins I could not live without…

Don Bronco – Technology

Thought I’s start doing music reviews, starting with Don Broncos latest album – Technology.

How to clear DNS cache in google Chrome

A Google Chrome application setting to clear its DNS cache.

Using SVG in custom WordPress themes

One of the few bugbears I have with WordPress is its lack of support for SVG file formats

The Sunset Of Magento One

With over 245,000 websites powered by Magento, it is one of the World’s largest eCommerce platforms.

Im a Full Stack Developer but what does that mean?

I thought I’d explain what it is and means – at least to me anyway…