Design by Fishtank Agency - built by me.

Built With

  • API
  • Bedrock
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Multisite

Project Details

This large scale e-commerce platform was originally built in Magento (V1) and in 2018 when its sunset was nearing, this projects goals were to migrate its 15,000+ products to a WordPress/WooCommerce environment.

The e-commerce element to the build was fairly straight forward but the migration of database structure from Magento to WordPress was the first major challenge but with a recursive loop through all the products and their product variations, I was able to create a script that mapped all data to a WooCommerce/WordPress friendly format.

Another interesting part to this project was the logistical functions that had to be in place so that customers order items had to have a different factory name for production in their factory. These needed to be translated upon the dynamic generation of a custom printable order sheet and had many conditional factors in play.

This project was a first for me building custom XML feeds for 3rd party SEO/PPC integrations and their strict compliance demands. With so many products to loop through I found that using WordPress transients mixed with server Cron Jobs were a good match for maintaining performance on a very busy e-commerce platform.

WordPress Multisite was introduced to this site as a pushing mechanism of all the products on the site being synchronized with a sister company website of Bedworld which I also built.

This site has had a lot of minor evolutions and continuous feature development since it went live and is a shining example (even if I do say so myself) of the capabilities of both WordPress and WooCommerce.