Glu Recruit

Design by Fishtank Agency - built by me.

Built With

  • API
  • Bedrock
  • Sage
  • WordPress

Project Details

Built from the ground up, the Glu Recruit website is a recruitment website that incorporates a lot of custom functionality to meet the requirements of both Glu Recruit and it’s end users.

Some of the functionalities of note:

  • SMS Notifications – Users are able to register their job alert preferences by multiple factors like location, industry & salary. When new vacancies are posted the platform matches all registered users preferences and alerts them via SMS or email via a 3rd party API.
  • Granular search/filtering – Aside the normal challenge of filtering custom post types by multiple taxonomies the job search functionality also includes locational searching incorporating Google map API’s and some clever radial mathematics.
  • Custom forms – The site has many EOI points from both employers and (potential) employees and many of the forms needed to be dynamic and processed using user based conditional logic.

This project was a fantastic but challenging development process; basically recreating something akin to within WordPress but the use of Bedrock and Sage frameworks were integral to its success.

I built this website however the creative branding and website were by Fishtank Agency and you can read more about that here.