Sordid Pink – Self Titled

Standout TracksFU
Sounds LikeLady Gaga / Muse / Paramore / System of a Down

I only came across this band by accident on my Discover Weekly through Spotify and I am so glad I did!

I’ve labeled them as Alternative/Rock/Metal but I am genuinely a little confused about their genre really. the confusion hasn’t put me off though – i like it! At points their music is extremely melodic (due to their very talented singer), almost to the point of being pop but then descends into some brutal metal heaviness! Right up my street! A prime example of their style in a nutshell, is track 6 on the album, ‘FU‘ – the video isn’t an enthralling watch, but you’ll hear what I mean…

So I heard this album and immediately started looking for more of their music but sadly this is their only album as of yet. Whilst looking for more by them I then found out their from Serbia! I totally assumed they were American but heyho! I’m not even that sure they’re that big either (watch this space though) as the biggest hit for them on Google was their page…

Production wise, it’s really good – a clear balance of the actual band instruments and my only complaint would be that it is a vocal heavy mix. I get why it’s vocal heavy though because the singer is amazing and does deserves the highlight it gets but I think their their more pop style of music also has part to play there. If I was their music producer I wouldn’t know weather to go down the generic rock/metal or pop style levels for their mix either. Either way, the production is good and, for the most part, hasn’t had too much compression thrown at it so it still has a kick!

Sordid Pink is massively worth the listen…